DAB Active Controller MM 1.1

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Auto restart function

Amperometric protection (except MM1.1) .

Protection against high & low voltage phase drop protection in 415V models.



Greater comfort

Greater energy saving

Noise reduction

Elimates over pressures

Increased lifespan of the electric pump

Easy installation protection against dry running



The Dab active pump controller device is an innovative variable speed control pump control, capable of maintaining constant pressure automatically by sensing varying flows.  Pressure settings programme at the touch of a button. Some active controls can interface with one or more active controls to meet high demands. Capable of controlling many different types of electric pumps Active driver is equipped with a malfunctions protection system. In the event that a malfunction is verified, it is displayed, depending on the type of error, the electric pump cam turn off.  The active drive controller incorporates an Inverter, and a pressure sensor.













  • Power Type:                                 Electric
  • Size:                                            HP: 1.5
  • Technician Requirements              Technician installation recommended
  • Electrical Specifications                 Voltage Rating: 220/50/1
  • Finish                                           Stainless steel front with exterior sides with gray finish
  • Warranties                                    Limited 6 months on parts and 3 months on labour      

ATL water tank 

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