Top 5 Appliances Every Airbnb Host Should Have


Top 5 Appliances every Airbnb Host Should Have


Travel patterns have drastically changed since the pandemic and staycations have emerged as a popular trend. The Airbnb app has revolutionised the way we travel by becoming the go-to option for accommodations, making it easier to explore new places whether locally or internationally in a more affordable and personalised way. 

Having attractive photos is crucial in capturing the interest of prospective guests as they browse through Airbnb listings. However, what truly convinces guests to book your place is the presence of appealing amenities, including appliances. Comfort, convenience, and home-like amenities are top priorities for guests, and having the right appliances can greatly enhance their overall experience.

With so many appliances to choose from, it can be overwhelming for hosts to decide what to include. To simplify the decision-making process, in this article we have narrowed down and highlighted the top five appliances that every Airbnb host should consider having in rental space. Whether you are a new host or an experienced pro, having the right appliances in your Airbnb rental can significantly improve the convenience and comfort of your space, here is how:


The presence of a fully-equipped kitchen in an Airbnb rental, complete with a refrigerator and a microwave, offers guests the convenience of storing their food and reheating it at their preferred time.  Whether it’s satisfying a late-night craving, or enjoying an early morning breakfast, the availability of these convenient appliances add flexibility to your guests' dining options during their stay.

The SAMSUNG 27 CU. FT. REFRIGERATOR WITH ICE AND WATER DISPENSER offers a range of features that make it a convenient and functional addition to any kitchen. Some advantageous features include:

  • Large Capacity: With a 27 cu. ft. capacity, this refrigerator provides ample storage space for groceries, produce, beverages and leftovers.

  • Ice and Water Dispenser: The built-in ice and water dispenser provides easy access to filtered water and ice without having to open the refrigerator door, saving energy and reducing the need for ice trays or bottled water.

In addition to the traditional stove that comes with a built in  oven , the SAMSUNG 0.8 CU.FT MICROWAVE allows guests to easily heat up leftovers or prepare simple meals, which can be handy for those who prefer to dine out or for those with dietary restrictions. It can also be useful for reheating baby food. A few of its convenient features include:

  • Versatility and Timesaving: Microwaves are known for their speed, allowing guests to cook or warm up food in a matter of minutes, which can save time, especially during busy travel schedules. They also offer versatility in cooking, as they can be used for a wide range of tasks, such as reheating leftovers, defrosting frozen food, making popcorn, or heating up beverages.

  • Power Defrost: Power Defrost lets you defrost frozen foods quickly and evenly, so you and your family can enjoy delicious food whenever you want.

  • Convenience: Microwaves are easy to use, with simple controls and settings that guests can quickly familiarize themselves with. They also require minimal cleanup, making them convenient for guests to use during their stay without the need for extensive cooking or cleaning.


When it comes to creating a comfortable and homey atmosphere for guests at an Airbnb, while the décor and location are certainly important, it is often the practical aspects that guests appreciate the most. Two essential appliances that can significantly contribute to the comfort level of a guest are a washer and dryer combo as well as an air conditioning unit. These appliances provide a sense of relief and relaxation, offering guests access to amenities similar to what they would have at home.

  • Air Conditioning Systems:

Providing a reliable and efficient air conditioning unit in the bedrooms and/or living room can help guests stay comfortable regardless of the weather outside. This can be especially important in regions with extreme temperatures or varying weather conditions. If you are considering buying two or more units, our Prizm 12000 BTU AC is an affordable and practical option. 

The Prizm 12000 BTU AC is an excellent choice for Airbnb rentals as it offers superior cooling performance, energy efficiency, and ease of use. The AC unit comes with various features such as dual filtration, turbo mode, and a programmable timer. Prizm also offers inverter models that can help reduce electricity bills. Furthermore, it is designed with a sleek and modern look that can blend in seamlessly with most interior décor styles, adding to the appeal of the Airbnb unit.

  • Washer & Dryer Combo

Having a washer and dryer available for guests to use can offer them the convenience of doing their laundry, especially for longer stays, instead of the hassle of trying to find an external laundry service.

The SAMSUNG 20KG Front Load Washer & the SAMSUNG 20KG Front Load Dryer are the perfect pair for any Airbnb location. Sleek in design and built with a host of convenient features, here are a few features that you and your guests will enjoy:

  • Ultra Large Capacity: Ultra-large capacity means you have the room to do more laundry in fewer loads. With a 7.4 Cu.Ft., Dryer and a 4.5 Cu. Ft. Washer bring on big loads of towels or jeans.

  • More Style, Less Space: Get extra capacity without taking up extra space. LG closet-depth washers and dryers have a shallower depth that easily fits into smaller spaces & adds sleek style to any room.

  • Wash & Dry 2 Loads at the Same Time: You can wash your second load of laundry while the first one is drying. This allows you to complete your laundry day without waiting for clothes to dry after the washing process.

In conclusion, providing the right amenities and appliances can significantly enhance the experience of your Airbnb guests, leading to better reviews, increased bookings, and higher revenues. As an Airbnb host, you should consider investing in appliances that offer convenience and comfort to your guests, such as a washer and dryer, an AC unit, a microwave and a refrigerator. These appliances are not only practical but can also elevate the overall atmosphere of your rental unit, making it more welcoming and enjoyable for your guests. By prioritizing the comfort and convenience of your guests, you can establish a reputation, earn the title as a ‘Super host’, and secure repeat bookings for years to come.